Being a stay-at-home parent can sometimes leave a torn feeling. For one thing, you want to spend time with your children, but on the other hand, you want to find a way to contribute to the family’s finances. Having those mixed emotions can give you and the other family members a hard time. But honestly, choose either one? Why can’t you enjoy spending quality time with your kids while also working and make it mesh well together?

Work Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Parents
There are many ways for stay-at-home parents to earn an extra income to supplement the family budget without sacrificing time with their children. In fact, here are a few money-making opportunities that can be pursued online, whether your kids are at school or asleep or even when they are awake and looking for attention.

Run Virtual Errands
If you have a computer, access to the internet, and are good at searching the web and communicating, you can apply for a virtual personal assistant. You can set your own hours and help people by making calls to service providers, scheduling appointments, and finding the best prices for various products and services. You mostly get paid per task, so it depends on you how much money you make.

Start an E-Commerce Business
One of the most remarkable aspects of e-commerce is that many of the most successful startups worldwide, such as eBay and Amazon, started small, and some still operate out of homes or small offices. There are numerous opportunities within the e-commerce industry, with the possibility to start selling on third-party websites or build your own platform — you can sell anything, from gadgets to homemade products.

When starting a business, you must determine what form this will have. One of the most common business forms for small enterprises is LLC or limited liability company. Forming an LLC is an important way to protect yourself from liability and save money on taxes because this business structure is legally separated from its owners. Other benefits include less paperwork, flexibility, and more.

Create Online Courses
If you have a teaching background or just love doing research and writing, developing online courses is a great idea to earn extra money as they are in high demand. Businesses and other educational online markets are always looking for online courses that are easy and simple to offer to their clients.

Get Into Freelancing
Maybe you don’t want to maintain a blog but like to express your thoughts and creativity. Numerous media, corporate and nonprofit websites are looking for freelancers to write, produce or edit content. Freelancing is one of the best methods through which you can earn some extra money as a stay-at-home parent because you can be flexible with your work. There are also jobs for stay-at-home parents that do not require a degree but can earn a lot of money. These include social media management, copywriting, design tech, and more.

Consider Photography
One of the most natural jobs for new stay-at-home parents is to become a photographer. Many moms and dads pick up photography as a hobby once their little one is born; after a few months of practicing, you may be surprised by your new skills! Photography is an excellent part-time job, as it allows you to set up shoots when you have the time.

Continue Your Education
If you have an area of interest that you’d like to pursue, consider going back to school to gain expertise in your chosen field. For example, earning an online degree in computer science will allow you to gain marketable skills in data management, information technology, programming, and much more. Online degree programs give students the flexibility to earn their degree on their own terms and time.

There’s a Middle Ground
Being a stay-at-home parent has some benefits, but it has its cons, too. Still, the good news is that there is a middle ground of sorts in which you can still enjoy the advantages of nurturing your children while also earning an income in the process.

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