Groomed for Success is a program experience geared towards Generation X male business owners in need of developing professional leadership skills and establishing well-planned financial structures to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

To enroll in our next session of this program or inquire about hosting an on-site meeting of our Groomed for Success Program with your team, visit our Contact page.


High Heel Hustle is an excellent investment, this program is geared towards female entrepreneurs and women seeking to climb the corporate ladder. Solving firsthand, the problems of female entrepreneurs that are experiencing multiple issues within their businesses due to abnormal development. For example, maybe a key point is that revenue isn’t being generated consistently. Our philosophy at Kenya Nicole and the Business Builder Team is that the business owner should be earning while she’s learning, and we can show you how.

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Our Entrepreneur Master Class Series is a innovative master program in which we enlist true modern masters from leading industry experts to train entrepreneurs with ground breaking concepts to catapult the power of a collaborative impact in an intimate setting. From the burns of business and what they’ve learned in business. Equipping them tо face any challenges thаt will arrive in an Entrepreneur’s journey. This master series encompasses five main topics: power, position, profit, leverage, аnd connections.

Each stage of the course is designed tо оffеr Entrepreneurs next level knowledge to аррlу as though a game of chess. To inquire about this elite program, please reach out to us via our Contact page.


To succeed in business, entrepreneurs need to prepare themselves with educational tools that will enhance their skill set and effectively help them move the needle toward Success in their business. Our Business Builder Bootcamp is all about providing these much-needed tools for Success!

Entrepreneurs should also be prepared mentally and physically for growing pains they may face when choosing to become business owners. Understanding the mental cardio needed for Success, the weight training efforts required for carrying the load that comes with the responsibility of being a boss, and the ability to do the dreaded profit margin push-ups and slow sales sit-ups in business are a must. Our Business Builder Bootcamp will whip new and emerging business owners into the best professional shape of their lives!

The Business Builder Bootcamp by Kenya Nicole and the Business Builder Team is staffed by informative instructors who will train you to make sense of your business while making your numbers count. We’ll see you in camp!                                               
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Almost 90% of people fail to understand their potential to achieve their goals and dreams. This program is designed to build the confidence needed for the leader within. For those who like to make a positive impact, doing what they love. It will help you get more clarity of your financial goals, confidence for your mission, and a mindset of self-belief. To join the next session of our

Money, Mindset, Mission Retreat, send a note of interest to us via our Contact page.


Our Talent Development Program is where we create or innovate high-performance, sustainability within your team needs for your organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives. This program is designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. We build your teams knowledge, skills, and abilities helping them develop and achieve their potential so that your organization can succeed and grow.


Pop-up Schooltiques are random classes that we offer from time to time that cover specific business topics for the DIY business owner who can’t afford coaching but can afford a one-off class and accompanying workbook. For news about up-coming Pop-up Schooltiques, check out our Events page, keep an eye on our Facebook page, or sign up for our email list.


We рrоvіdе high-impact buѕіnеѕѕ-buіldіng solutions to both рublіс and private ѕесtоr entities аrоund the world.

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